Valley of Joplin
505 S. Byers Ave
Joplin, Missouri 64801
(417) 623-3219



To advance the efforts of all language impaired children by bringing them into the world of words and the joy of clearly understood or expressed ideas.  In addition to providing a helping hand to young children who may have a variety of special needs.

The Foundation through it RiteCare program helps children by providing some of the following:  hearing aids and speech therapy.

The Valley of Joplin RiteCare has had the unique opportunity
of partnering with  Children's Miracle Network. C.M.N. has locations in Joplin, Monett and Springfield.

  Contacts in the Valley of Joplin area are:
Christopher M. Nickle KCCH

Does your Child have a disorder that impairs his/her Speech or Hearing?
We may be able to Help.
Call the Office 417-623-3219



Webb Edwards 33

Robert P. Gephardt KCCH


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